Contact lenses

Do you know that Contact Lenses have been around for more than a century?
Over a century of substantial research and development has gone into making contact lenses a very comfortable and convenient form of vision correction.
New materials and designs mean that almost everyone today can wear contact lenses successfully. People of all ages can be fitted with contact lenses although special care is needed for the very young and elderly.
Common sight defects such as short sightedness and long sightedness are easily corrected with contact lenses. But now conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia can also be very effectively treated with contact lenses.

Know your contacts!!!

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are the most popular and widely used lenses today. They are made from gel like plastic with varying water content that allows oxygen to pass freely to the cornea. Within this category today there are numerous choices in terms of material and replacement modalities to suit every need.
Eye Care Centre is a place known for fitting the contact lenses with experienced and well trained optometrists. All the clinics at Eye Care Centre are equipped with modern technology and sophisticated instruments.
Eye Care Centre is the only place to have all international contact lens products and its accessories.
Eye Care Centre is leading optician in contact lens fittings in Uganda and pioneers in optical industry.
At Eye Care Centre deals with international brands like B&L, Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Cooper vision, Freshlook products. We are also dispensing bifocal contact lenses as well as progressive contact lenses.

Gas permeable lenses

Also known as semi soft lenses, these are made from polymars that makes them more durable. In high degree of astigmatism these lenses will improve the quality of vision.
To have full experience of Eye Care Centre, Pls book your slot for free eye examination online at your nearest Eye Care Centre branch and our optometrists will be privileged to suggest suitable lenses for your prescription.

Cosmetic lenses

Bored with present look, want to change your looks with different eye colors.
Yes, you change your looks with cosmetic lenses. Eye Care Centre deals with international brands like Freshlook, B&L, and Aquafresh cosmetic lenses both with prescription and without prescription.
Kindly visit your nearest Eye Care Centre branch and our optometrist will be privileged to recommend suitable colour lenses as per your requirement.

Prosthetic contact lenses

People with corneal opacities need not worry as Eye Care Centre can provide them prosthetic lenses, where one can cover the opacity and have a natural and colorful looks.
Book an online appointment with our Eye Care Centre optometrist and have complete detailed information.

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    • hello, Contact lense pricing depends on several factors such as colored or clear, with prescription or without, toric or normal. Kindly we request to visit any of our branches and the optician will be able to guide you accordingly.

    • Hello, Thank you for your query, however prices depend on various factors, such as the precription, the type of toric lens, colored of clear. etc.
      Kindly visit any of our branches and the optician will guide accordingly.

    • Hello, Thank you for your query, we are associated with Prudential Insurance however it has limitations, therefore I would recommend that you bring your insurance card when you visit us and we can check all details specific to you.


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